Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brucci Bare Essentials

 I just can't get over how awesome Brucci nail polishes are. This is the third one I try and I'm so impressed with the formula in their polishes that it makes me want to buy even more! Not that I need to, since I have about 14 that are still untried. I went a little crazy hauling these from Image Beauty because they were only $2.35! You can't get much better than that when it comes to nail polish.

 Bare Essentials is a sheer milky nude with pink undertones. You can get away with three coats on this one if you don't mind VNL, but I prefer my polishes opaque so I used four coats. This could be a great shade for a mannequin mani for someone with a lighter skintone, however on me it just serves as a palette cleanser. Oh, and excuse the shiny hands. I had just finished moisturizing my cuticles with my Qtica cuticle balm. I usually wait until the shine goes away to take pics, but I was on my way out when I did this mani.

  I can't say that all Brucci polishes are awesome, but the three that I have tried have been exactly that. I was told in a comment by Jenni Lee that Brucci is mainly sold in NY, NJ and PA, so if you are not in that area you can try out That's the website for Image Beauty and Brucci retails for $2.35 there. The only bad thing is that not all of the polishes have pictures, so you are taking a risk on what you will get if you order just by name. Like Gianna's "Rockin" Blue wasn't blue at all. Lol, it was more of a teal aqua color, but I still liked it. ^_^


  1. whoaaaa i think this is a great nude color on you!!! i think i may need a palate cleansing polish soon--i've been going crazyyyy with glitters and flakies as of late!

  2. Oh HI!!! I have one bottle of Brucci I got in a swap with a friend. My bottle has dibutyl phthalate which is banned in Europe and in California under proposition 65, other bloggers have been saying... it's an endocrine disruptor, causes birth defects in humans and animals, and has been found in our streams and rivers.

    Does your bottle have it?

    Brucci's formula is fantastic in the sense it is really smooth and even, I have red hot and the color is really pigmented. I would love to buy more, I hope they change their formula.

    Your nails look really nice and the nude is really pretty.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. @Vanidad It really is!

    @Eileen Thanks, I have been amassing so nudes the past few months. I just can't get enough. Lolol well I don't blame you with the glitter phase it was after the holidays.

    @Jenni Lee I JUST checked all my bottles and it seems as if they have changed their formula because I don't see that ingredient in any of my bottles of Brucci. Kinda sucks though that they would make polish using harmful chemicals. At least now they have corrected it, I hope.

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments and very interesting information!

  4. Very interesting... maybe I'll buy a bottle. But what's so weird is that they don't have a US website, they have a website in South Africa?? The other thing I have to check is if they are cruelty free. Which I can't find any information on.

  5. @Jenni Lee You know I never look into all those details, but I admire you for doing so. It's so easy to just pick up something and buy it, but putting a bit of research into your purchase could potentially save a few animal lives.


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