Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Revlon Street Wear in Exposed and Chick

 I don't know why I keep waiting to the end of the day to post. I'm tired and sleepy and really don't feel like typing. To top it off I just painted my nails. Why did I start a new mani knowing I had to go to sleep soon? I seem to be doing this more and more often. I NEED to be asleep by at least eight so I can get enough sleep. Oh well. C'est la vie! The polishes in today's post aren't really my thing. They are both frosts. I'm not a big fan of frosts because they do not hide brushstrokes well. It doesn't matter how hard you try there will always be some visible brushstrokes.

This is Exposed. It is a brown shimmery frost. I didn't like the color nor the finish so this is definitely going to my swap list. I used three coats for this one.

I'm on the fence on this one. I loved the color, but the frost finish is a deterrent for me. I liked that it dried to a satin finish, but it's still a frost. This one took four coats.

 All photos were taken with no flash. I really thought I was going to like the Street Wears more than I do, but I also don't have any of the really good ones like Toad or October 31st. Those are amazing and are incredibly hard to come across. I do have high hopes for Burnt and Dijon though. I love those fugly colors. ^_^


  1. i kind of like the first one! it reminds me of chocolate :D

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of frosts either. I posted two Lippmanns that are frosts and I hated them. Feels old and outdated too. I like to paint my nails too when I'm tired I don't know why, I have to stop myself and just go to bed, because I just end up losing my patience.


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