Friday, January 13, 2012

Barney's 2011 Holiday by Deborah Lippmann: Dark Fantasy, The Future Is Yours and Money Now Sleep Later

 Late. Again. I'm truly sorry for having stayed up late for yet another Grey's Anatomy marathon. I just can't help it and I don't believe I will stop until I finish all available episodes on Hulu. At least these polishes are totally worth the wait. Believe me. These are some really unique duochromes, well unique in my stash. These are no longer available on, but you can call your local Barney stores to see if they still have them in stock. That's what I did and was able to pick up all three. So, let's get started because it's a loooong post!

Dark Fantasy is the one that I wanted the least, but figured I would pick it up anyways since I don't have any red duos. I actually wouldn't call it red now, though. It's more of a burgundy with a bit of a gold flash. I only used two coats for this one with no topcoat and it had a very smooth application with hardly any brush strokes visible.

Ah... this was the one I was most interested in getting. The Future Is Yours is a light blue, shimmer duochrome. I love this one very, very much. It's got a really nice subtle and feminine feel to it even though it's blue. This was one had the thinnest formula of all. I used four coats, but my free edge is still visible. I recommend layering this one over darker colors to prevent using so many coats.

Now I know I said I loved The Future Is Yours, but there aren't enough words to express my feelings on Money Now Sleep Later. This is an aqua/teal duochrome with a slight purple-looking flash. I used three coats for this one, but the third coat had to be applied with care to prevent it from having too many brushstrokes. This one looks really good without undies, but you can mimize usage by layering it. The day I got this polish I used it over Orly Stone Cold and the glittery finish in Stone Cold made it look amazing! I'll have to redo that mani so that I can post a pic of it later on.

 I am officially a Deborah Lippmann junkie, and I am really looking forward to her upcoming Spring 2012 collection. ^_^


  1. Wowza! 'Money Now Sleep Later' is bee-you-tee-full! I <3 Deborah Lippmann!

  2. 'The Future Is Yours' would be mineeeeee <3

  3. The last two are gorgeous!!! I think the middle one's my favorite. Something about it, just so ethereal *-*

  4. @ANA Isn't it?? LOL I loved it in the bottle and even more on my nails.

    @Vanidad It's DEFINITELY worth tracking down!

    @Eileen You described it perfectly! I couldn't think of that word as I was writing the post.

  5. What? (The future is yours).... looks really good without undies? I'm keeping my undies on thanks.

  6. @LOL I liked the way it looked without, but I think undies would be best to conserve the polish!


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