Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revlon Street Wear in Jelly and Groovy

 The shades I have in today's post are a bit more my style than yesterday's. Although, I'm still not overly thrilled with them. Maybe it's me. I seem to be in some kind of nail polish slump. New collections are just meh, and I have no desire to go out and buy them. I would usually go out of my way to pick up new collections, but lately I don't even feel the urge to look at swatches. I'm even contemplating a blog sale to downsize my collection. Crazy! I suppose it's just a phase I'm going through which hopefully subside sooner than later.

This is Jelly. It is a taupe polish with purple/blue shimmer, but the shimmer isn't visible under normal lighting. I used three coats.

This is with flash. I wish it looked like this 24/7.

Groovy is a clear base with holographic bar glitter and small, purple glitter. I loved this one, but that's just me being partial to bar glitter. If it has bar glitter, I am more likely than not to love it. I used one coat over two coats of OPI A Grape Fit!. Sorry about the flooding on my ring finger, I didn't notice it until today when I was reviewing the pics.

Here it is with no flash. A Grape Fit isn't as bright as it looks in the pics above, or blue for that matter. These pictures resemble the color better, but the color is still a bit off.

 I'm not sure what to think of my new Canon EOS Rebel T3. Most of the pics I take come out way off in color. I think my old Sony Cybershot takes better pics sometimes. Maybe it's just my lighting? I took some really awesome pics over the weekend at the aquarium and those are color accurate... Probably just user error. ^_^


  1. jelly is such a unique color! it almost seems like something chanel would come out with.
    lighting has a hugeeee impact on how pictures turn out. what kind of lighting do you use? if it's easier, you can always adjust the colors through post processing!

  2. Is it the color balance setting? It's how I adjust mine. It might be called color temperature if not color balance.

  3. Jelly does look like an interesting color; I'm a sucker for funky shimmers! And I may be wrong but does Groovy look a bit like Save Me from the new OPI Nicki Minaj collection? O.O I would also advise looking at your balance settings. Even with my Nikon Coolpix L110, I sometimes have to change the color balance with my Corel photoshop program.

  4. Love your first pic, its kind of hot n sexy in a way.

  5. Nice polish!


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