Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skin Food BR611 w/ Lynnderella Change

 Now that Lynnderella has announced that she will be having a sale, I'm sure a lot of you are starting to look up swatches to narrow down your choices. Well, I have a pretty amazing one to show you guys today. I originally received this polish as an extra during Lynnderella's first sale, but never posted it's actual name because I didn't know what it was called. Lynnderella later told me that the name of the polish was Change, and I never got around to updating my post. I originally swatched it over Orly Luxe and while I loved that combo, I knew this polish had much better potential. That potential was reached for me when I received this Skin Food polish that I bought from a fellow polish lover. I didn't really even want this polish, but she was offering six polishes for $20 and who can resist a deal like that?? As soon as I took it out I knew I had to layer Change over it.

I just got around to doing that combo tonight and it was a layering success! I used three coats of Skin Food BR611. This is a dark chocolatey polish with so much shimmer that it applies as if it was a frost finish. It really showed the brush strokes on the first and second coats, but since the color is so dark the strokes were hardly visible on the third coat.

On to the only reason you probably even clicked on this post! This is one coat of Lynnderella Change over Skin Food BR611. I loved this combination because the chocolatey polish keeps the warm tones found in Change, yet it brings out in the shimmer in the base because it's a dark polish. 

 I am anxiously awaiting for Lynnderella to go live with her first sale of the year, since I have some catching up to do on her previous collection and her new collection is... Well, why don't you just take a look for yourself? ^_^


  1. ooooohhhh. This is NICE. I will definately check out skin food! Thanks for the tip on lynnderella!

  2. great combo!!!!! i usually think brown is an icky polish color because its not bright or fun at all, but this combo has definitelyyyy converted me! :D

    1. Lolol that's what I always think, yet I keep buying them. Layering definitely makes the brown look good though.


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