Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPI 2010 Burlesque Collection:

 I had this post all set up to have it published the day I stopped blogging, but I ended up not publishing because I decided I needed to take a break. What I really needed to do was a break from polish period, but I can't help my addiction. Anywho, I don't have the entire Burlesque Collection because I didn't think I "needed" it when it came out. Yea... BIG MISTAKE. Especially on the glitters. I have been lucky to still find some of the glitters available at some stores and that's the only reason why I have any of them.

Glow Up Already is a multiglitter with gold being the dominant color. Four Coats with topcoat.

Simmer and Shimmer is a multi glitter with the blue glitter as the main color. Four coats with topcoat.

Extra-va-vaganza is a multi glitter with orangey copper glitter as the main color. Four coats with topcoat.

Show it and Glow it is a multi glitter with pink as the main color. Four coats with topcoat.

Tease-y Does It is a dark burgundy with microglitter. Two coats no topcoat.

 The only other two polishes I want from the collection is Sparkle-icious and Bring on the Bling, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to obtain either one without having to pay a high price. I have scouted them on eBay and I really don't want to pay over ten dollars for either of them. Maybe I'll get lucky and find them on a blogsale someday. ^_^


  1. My fav is Shimmer and Shimmer, it's just perfect!

  2. i have glow up already and tease-y does it, too! i love glow up already for christmas, it just seems so christmas-y to me (: i know a couple of stores near me that still have the collection, and it's actually pretty tempting now that you brought up swatches!

  3. @Vanidad I agree, all the different glitters in there make it really pop.

    @Eileen OMG You have access to these polishes?? Lucky!! You should def pick a few more of the glitters, they are really great.


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