Saturday, January 14, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Juicy Couture Metals: Believe, Jewel In the Crown and Here Comes the Queen

 Today is the last day of Deborah Lippmann week and these are the last of Deborah Lippmann polishes that I will post, for awhile at least. I bought this set on Juicy Couture's website for a little under $17 shipped last year. The bottles were what caught my attention and I couldn't resist the cute tops especially since they were on sale. The set includes two Juicy Couture exclusives and one other polish from Deborah's core line. Here Comes the Queen and Jewel In the Crown are the exclusives and believe is part of the core line for Deborah Lippmann's polishes.

This is Jewel In the Crown. It's pretty much just a grey pearly color. To me it isn't anything special, but I was impressed with the formula. It only took one coat to get complete coverage.

I thought it would look a but better with Here Comes the Queen, but it only makes it look like a washed out grey with bits of gold.

My favorite one out of all three is Believe. It's a pearly white and gold foil, but it mostly looks white to me. I liked the look of this one so much that I just had to wear it after I finished swatching. I used two coats for this one with no topcoat.

I topped it off with Here Comes the Queen, but once again it just changed the color of the polish. Believe seems more like a light gold foil now.

Here Comes the Queen piqued my attention as soon as I saw that it was a gold flakie. I just wasn't happy with it though. I didn't like it layered nor on it's own, but maybe it was just the layering combos that I didn't like. I'll have to try it over a navy or even burgundy polish later. I used three coats on it for the pictures below.

 The only polish that I think is worth getting is Believe. I don't have any foils that come close to it. Other than that, I really think this set was a bust. At least I didn't pay full price for it. ^_^


  1. The gold flakie reminds me of Essie As Gold as it Gets. I don't think I would splurge on this set, but the jeweled caps are pretty cute. ^_^

  2. @Liz It does look a lot like AGaiG but I didn't compare them and I totally agree the only thing about the set is the tops. Definitely not worth the full retail price.

  3. Are you wearing undies with these? Please explain.

    I think Believe is my fav too.

  4. @Jenni Lee Nope no undies on any of them. Just the polish by itself.

  5. got it on sale at juicy too :) these are my first and probably last deborah lippmann polishes--they're nice, but definitely worth the price tag imo.


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