Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze Live in Colour Contest on Facebook

 I thought if you guys didn't know about this, you should! First prize gets THREE upcoming China Glaze collections. Umm.. yea 'nuff said. All you have to do is come up with a short story or poem with six China Glaze nail lacquer name and it has to be less than 200 words. You can find all the details here: It really isn't hard to come up with something quick and you never know! You just might be the lucky winner. They have three prizes, so even if you get third place that would be amazing. You know 'cuz it's FREEEEEEE! Haha.

This is the poem I did, hope it get's accepted since it does seem a bit racy lol. If it doesn't then oh well. I still had fun writing it.

Kaleidoscope Love

Our love is Rated Holographic, but if loving you was a crime would you go Visit Me In Prism? Come on Don't Be A Square. I promise I can make you Octa-Gone Wild. Just look at my heart, He's Going In Circles. Waiting for you to Spin Me Round and Tickle My Triangle. So, How About A Tumble? It's My Turn to take hold of your heart and Kaleidoscope Him Out until you say you love me too. Let's get started with this Sexagon and Let's Do It In 3d.

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