Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dior Tuxedo

 I was really excited to get my hands on this polish, but I can't say I was excited once I was done applying it. The color is absolutely stunning. It's a deep navy blue with slight shimmer in the shade, but in bright lighting or the sun it just becomes a bright almost royal blue with shimmer. I loved looking at my nails every chance I got and I was even more thrilled that the polish was so pigmented that I only had to use one coat of polish. Sadly, I had the worst experience ever with this polish and I would be returning it if it wasn't that it was so incredibly pigmented.

 Let's start with the brush. The brush that comes with the Dior polishes is just like the brush in Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure and Insta-Dri polishes. I HATE that brush. It's just too thick and weirdly shaped, but that's just me. A brush itself isn't enough to deter me from a polish, because I can always properly do my nails no matter what size or shape a brush is as long as the formula is good. This is what Tuxedo lacked, dearly! The formula was so thick and gloopy and would NOT spread nicely. I am not one to complain when a polish dries fast, but Tuxedo was ridiculous! I had to apply huge globs of polish at a time to prevent it from drying too fast and it was just a mess. By my second hand I was already frustrated and ready to just chunk it, but the color was so beautiful that it kept me going just looking at it.

 No flash.


Macro shot of the brush.

 This is the first time I try Dior, but it was not a good experience at all. I will really think twice before purchasing other polishes from the brand. ^_^


  1. Ahhhh i LOVE royal blues!!! :D but OMG lol, the application process sounds crazy O__O it's so ridiculous, i can envision a comic version of you globbing on polish and frantically trying to spread it all evenly lolol. at least the result was worth it? ;)

  2. @Eileen lol you totally summed up my application experience! Well, I loved the color and it was amazing that it was only one coat but it was a $22 polish. I don't think polishes that are that high, and not even .5 oz, should be so unmanageable.

    @Miss Blue *sigh yea the color is just fab. Just wish the application had been just as good.

  3. Pretty color! One coat, impressive. I'm wearing China Glaze Up All Night, kind of similar, it might be a tad darker than tuxedo. The brush is like Rimmel brushes.

  4. @Jenni Lee I have been meaning to pick up that CG! I'll have to put it on m to buy list next time I'm ordering polishes.


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