Friday, January 6, 2012

My First Fauxnad w/ Savvy Garland and Orly Luxe

 There were a couple of things that I forgot to mention on my previous December Hauls post. I have always been intrigued by fauxnading/konding, but never got around to ordering the plates or stamper. Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Konad stamper and a set of Red Angel plates last month. I actually haven't played around with them much, but I did do a manicure with them the first week I got them. The issue I have with konading/fauxnading is that I get overwhelmed and can never decide on what polish combos to do. I ended up just picking random colors on this one and substituted my stamping polish several times, since the ones I picked initially didn't show up well.

I started off with two coats of Savvy Garland. It's a beautiful dark green shimmer polish that I bought at Sally's last year.

I then stamped over it using Red Angel plate RA-112 with Orly Luxe.

 The particular image I used allowed for mistakes because it was difficult to spot where I messed up unless you were looking closely. I was happy the way it turned out even though I had a few issues with my stamping, but like they say practice makes perfect. ^_^


  1. Prettyyyyy!
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's not totally pro at konading! I'm actually really bad at stamping O__O But you've inspired me to give it another shot! :D

  2. Excellent job at Konading! Looks like Christmas wrapping paper!

    I haven't konad-ed yet I'm think I'm going to soon.

  3. @Eileen I am by no standards good at stamping, but it's enough to satisfy me. You know at about three or four feet away. Although, practice is the only thing that will make us get better at stamping so I'll join you with my stamper!

    @Jenni Lee Thanks! Lol good reference to the wrapping paper! I just think maybe wrapping paper images would be a bit more crisp than min lol. You should definitely try it! It's actually fun!


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