Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deborah Lippmann I Want Candy and Boom Boom Pow

 I'm late with today's post because I stayed up late last night watching Grey's Anatomy! I started watching it awhile ago, and now I'm on season 7. I tried to stop after two episodes, but it was like potato chips! I couldn't have just one and ended up staying pretty late. So, here I am writing this post and still watching Grey's.

On to polish though, I have an older Deborah Lippmann polish that came out in 2007. It's called I Want Candy and it's a sheer red jelly. I know all jelly's are technically sheer, but this one is incredibly sheer and goes on pink with the first two coats. On the third coat, however, it starts looking a bit more like a red jelly. The next three pictures all have three coats with no topcoat.

It takes four coats of I Want Candy to really look like the red jelly it is, but before I added that fourth coat I thought I would go ahead and make a jelly sandwich! So, I used one coat of Boom Boom Pow. Um, I might have gotten a bit camera happy with these two polishes.

Here's the mani with the fourth coat of I Want Candy added. I love the way it turned out. It's red, but this polish is so sheer that the gold still peeks through.

See, this is me being camera happy. I went ahead and swatched Boom Boom Pow just to show you how it looks on it's own. I used three coats with topcoat. I'm quite fond of this polish, but I really don't like the way it looks on it's own.

 I know it was a lot of pictures, but you can expect twice as much tomorrow! So consider this your warning because tomorrow I have all three polishes from Barney's 2011 Holiday collection. ^_^


  1. omg, i totallyyyy want that red jelly! especially since i'm in like, the biggest jelly phase EVER right now, LOL. the gold glitter on top reminds me of chinese new years and the red envelopes! :D

  2. I love both of these! They remind me of Chinese New Year, too. Boom Boom Pow's been on my lemming list since it came out and that RED JELLY! *fans self* What a fab combo!

  3. These are so beautiful. I love the layering of them!

  4. @Eileen LOLOL You and me both in regards to the jelly phase. I just can't get enough of them. It must be the spring that is approaching. I love your comments because you are always dead on with the descriptions or comparisons. It really is like Chinese New Years!

    @ANA I Want Candy is special to me because no other red jellies come close.

    @Anutka Thanks!


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