Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Butter London The Black Knight and Tart with a Heart

 You guys have already seen these polishes on their own and layered, thanks to Scrangie, so I decided to just show them to you over black. I used Wet n' Wild Black Creme as a base for both of them.

This is one coat of The Black Knight over Black Creme.

This is one coat of Tart with a Heart over Black Creme.

 If you are interested in these then I suggest you purchase them if you find them because I have heard that they are becoming harder to find. This was a limited edition collection for the holiday season, but they are currently still available at ^_^


  1. Whoaaa I'm really diggin that second one! Looks like a good polish to do galaxy nails with :D

  2. @Fashion Footing Thanks!

    @Eileen Exactly my thought! I have quite a few polishes I can use to do galaxy nails. Now if only I would get lazy butt up to do them!


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