Friday, December 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI Orna-ment for Each Other and Snow-Man of My Dreams

 These weren't polishes that I had originally planned on buying, but they just called me my name when I passed them by at Target. I didn't buy them all because there were only two polishes in the whole display! I wish I had found the gold one though, since I'm in a gold glitter phase at the the moment.

 This is Orna-Ment for Each Other. It's a beautiful red glitter based polish with gold glitter throughout. I used three coats on this one.

Snow-Man of My Dreams is a blue glitter base with pops of color in there. I used three coats on this one as well.

 Sorry, to make this short and sweet, buuuut I'm working on my own snowman of dreams at the moment. My son has a snowman project that needs to be turned in by tomorrow and I am stuck doing it since he went to sleep around 4pm and still hasn't woke up! Oh, well I enjoy these projects. Most of the time at least. ^_^


  1. The red one kinda reminds me of one of the Hello Kitty swatches you recently did! The second one looks so pretty! It's kinda like someone too DL Happy Birthday and crushed it up and threw it into that bottle :D

  2. OMG! I really falled in love with this 2 shades, are amazing!!!
    Merry Xmas!


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