Thursday, December 1, 2011

POP beauty Pacific Hoot w/ Color Club Orna-Minted Jelly Sandwich

This month I am trying to get through as many untrieds as I can, but I also want to keep my posts related to the holidays. I have some old and a lot of new holiday/winter/Christmas collections to try, so expect those to be posted. I will post daily up until Christmas day and then I will go back to five times a week. It's going to be a challenge for me, but I am looking forward to it!

 I initially only wanted to use POP's Pacific Hoot as a base color for Color Club's Orna-Minted, but I had no idea Pacific Hoot was a jelly! I just had to do a jelly sandwich once I knew that Pacific Hoot was a jelly polish. Since it was a jelly polish, I used four coats to hide my visible nail line. Then, I added a coat of Orna-Minted. The glitters were a bit difficult to place evenly, but I love how chunky and shiny they are. Oh, AND this polish is scented! It smells sort of cold and very minty. It reminds me a lot of the Jack Black lip balm in Natural Mint that Eileen from The Sneakerette sent me, except this is for your nails!

Here is four coats of Pacific Hoot.

This is one coat of Orna-Minted over Pacific Hoot.

What's more festive than bright chunks of silver glitter?

One coat of Pacific Hoot to create the jelly sandwich.

This is the opposite of festive, it has more of a calming effect to me.

 I love how you can always amp up any nail polish by layering. There a gazillion and one ways to create different mani's with nail polish, and I just wish I had more time to try them all. ^_^


  1. Mmm minty nailss! Minty things remind me of winter and candy canes :9
    I have this list of nail things I want to get around to doing, but I keep pushing so many of the things back because there are too many polishes and not enough time D: One of the things on my list is a jelly sandwich though. I love how it looks here, because it tones down the silver glitter nicely and it just looks very nicely coordinated with all the blue (:
    I found Pop polishes at ulta on clearance a while back but hesitated.. kinda wishing I picked them up now!

  2. I love seeing jelly sandwiches! This turned out great!

  3. @Eileen Totes m'gotes! Minty stuff are the greatest! Omg, I am right there with you on that list. I just end up throwing aways my lists anyways because I end up doing other stuff. Like this month was supposed to be more nail art, but I just ended up settling on going through untried holiday collections.

    @Pauline this actually my first one! I can't wait to try out more!


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