Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orly 2011 Holiday Soiree Collection: Oui, Au Champagne and Androgynie

 Orly's Holiday Soiree Collection has six colors in the collection, but I was only interested in three of them. I passed on Le Chateau which is a navy blue creme, Ma Cherie which is a bright red jelly and Ingenue which is a mauve, shimmery, metallic duochrome. The only three I picked up are Oui, Au Champagne and Oui.

Oui is pretty much the same as Ingenue. The only difference is that Oui is purple rather than mauve. I used two coats on the pictures below. 

Au Champagne is a white polish with shimmer throughout the base. It almost reminds of me of China Glaze Frosty, but this is not as glittery. I used three coats on this one and a top coat, since it dried to a satin finish I wanted to bring out the shimmer a bit more.

Androgynie is a black jelly base with small and large holographic glitters. Many people have been underwhelmed by this polish, but I LOVE it. What's not to love here? Jelly? Goood. Holographic glitter? Gooood! Haha that's a line by Joey from Friends, except he was talking about food. I used two coats and a coat of top coat.

 If you turn the polish bottle upside down a few minutes right before you apply Androgynie, you will get more of the larger holographic glitters on your nails. That's a tip I use for all my glitters though, since glitters are heavy and tend to sink to the bottom. The collection is still out at Sally's and is $5.49 usd if you use a Sally's card. ^_^


  1. Oooooh the first one is sooo pretty!
    Androgynie looks super cool too. I've never thought of tipping a bottle upside down before application, but that sounds like a good idea for polishes with lots of random glitters!

  2. Yea, I have no idea how I started tipping them, but it works!

  3. Androgynie looks great here! I'll have to tip my bottle for longer. I wore au champagne for about 5 minutes and hated it. Something about white nail polish, makes me feel like I was playing with white out. Still thinking of some other use for it. Your nails look great!


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