Friday, December 2, 2011

Sephora Good Tidings We Bling!

 I wasn't going to pick up this polish when I first saw it on because I thought it would be a dupe to China Glaze Party Hearty. While it's a similar idea to Party Hearty, it's actually quite different. Party Hearty contains only large red hex glitter, medium green hex glitter and small light gold hex glitter. Good Tidings We Bling! contains small, round green and red glitter, large green and red hex glitter and medium BLACK hex glitter. I couldn't wait to buy this polish when I found it had black hex glitter. I don't know what it is with me and black glitter, but if it's in a polish then you can bet I will try my best to get ahold of it. For these pictures I layered one coat of Good Tidings We Bling! over China Glaze Snow. The glitter is so dense in this polish that one coat was more than enough to get full coverage.

 Sephora by OPI's are a tad more expensive than regular OPI's, but some of their colors are worth the extra 1.50. Like this one. You NEED it, even if you already have Party Hearty. ^_^


  1. ooooh this is pretty! i just have party hearty, and im dying to try it out! i picked up after xmas last year, so i've been waiting like a whole year to use it hahah :P

  2. OMG I know! I had been eyeing PH for awhile now. I was sooo ready to wear it!


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