Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money and Lady Luck

 I thought I was going to end up buying all the colors in this collection that Sally Hansen just came out with, but it was a bit of a let down when I actually saw them in stores. It's just that they are sooo similar to China Glaze's Eye Candy polishes that it was difficult to get excited. There were a couple of colors that immediately caught my attention, though. Big Money and Lady Luck seemed to have the most unique colors, so I just picked those two up. Oh, and the price was also a bit steep on these at 6.99 each.

Big Money has small gold glitter with large lavender glitter in a clear base. The combination of colors give this polish a very subtle yet elegant look. I used three coats of Big Money and a coat of top coat for pictures below.

Lady Luck has burgundy glitter and holographic glitter in a clear base. This one was less dense than Big Money and had to use four coats. I loved the colors on this one, but I think it would be best layered.

 I know Sally Hansen has several collections now that are about the same price as salon brands, but in my mind they will always be a drugstore brand. Sometimes I hesitate on purchasing their polishes because of this reason, but I have to admit they do have some great colors. ^_^


  1. I saw these at the store too! And yeah, kinda a let down that some of them look like dupes for china glaze. not to be branded or anything, but seeing that they're prices are so high i'd probably just go for china glaze haha. big money looks so pretty! i love those kinds of cooler golds because they're definitely elegant which makes them more wearable. i LOVE the holographic glitters in lady luck, but i wish the burgundy color was unique? like a deeper burgundy or somethingg.. i kinda feel like i've seen that color so many times already.

  2. Totes m'gotes! I agree on the brand thing. I don't mind buying dollar store polishes but at 6.99 for a Sally Hansen really makes me think twice before buying. I totally agree on the color of Lady Luck. It would be awesome to have some deeper burgundy glitters.


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