Sunday, December 4, 2011

China Glaze Holiday 'Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice 2010 Part 1

 There are 16 polishes in the China Glaze 2010 Holiday 'Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice collection, but I only have 13 out of the 16. The three I am missing is Naughty and Nice, Jingle Bells and Mommy Kissing Santa.  usually make the effort to try and complete my collections, but I really don't know why I stopped on this one. I'll have to scour eBay later to see if I can find them at reasonable prices.

 Ok, so I'll make this quick because I didn't schedule this post and I have to go out to Target in a bit to get 19 presents for my son's classmates. No idea why the school isn't having the normal book gift exchange, because that was a lot easier to take care of than 19 kids. Anyways, back to nail polish. This post will have seven of the 13 polishes I have and tomorrow I will post the other six.

The first one is Frosty. Frosty is a sheer white with tons of shimmer. I used four coats to cover my visible nail line, but if you don't mind the vnl you can get away with three coats.

It reminds me a bit of Orly's Au Champagne, but this is way more shimmery and sparkly.

This is Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus is a red jelly with red and silver glitter. I used four coats on this one as well and added top coat.  

In real life the color is a bit more vibrant. It kind of looks washed out and that's because of my lighting. I hadn't realized one of light bulbs burned out, so I'll have to pick up some more at Target.

This is two coats of Party Hearty over Snow. You can do one, but I think everything always looks better with MOAR glitter.

You can see all the different types of glitter here. There are only three types of glitters in this one. The large hexes are red, the medium ones are green and the small ones are gold.

This is Cheers to You. It's just a basic silver foil and I used three coats on this one.

This is a swatch with no top coat, so you can see that it's bit gritty on the closeup. A coat of top coat will smooth it.

This is Jolly Holly. I used two coats on this one. I cannot believe I have not worn this color yet. It is absolutely stunning. It's not just a basic green shimmer.

Up close you can see the gold in this polish. It really stands out against the green.

Peace on Earth is a blue based olive green frost. It can be a bit streaky, but this is the tendency with all frost finishes. In order to minimize streaks on frosts, I polish as normal on the first coat/s and the last coat I just sweep the entire nail in one fluid motion. I only needed two coats on this one.

I know these olive greens aren't favorites with most people, but I just love them. Especially this one.

This is two coats of Ruby Deer. Ruby Deer is a bright red creme with an almost jelly like consistency. With the first coat it was sheer, yet not sheer enough to be a jelly. With the second coat it became opaque, but still has a bit of jelly look to it.

You can see it better here in the closeup.

 That's it for today's post, but tomorrow I will have the other six polishes that I have from this collection and I'm hoping to start swatching China Glaze's 2011 Holiday Collection. If I finish by tonight I should have it up by Thursday since I have other polishes I want to show you! ^_^


  1. omg frosty is sooo pretty! i don't think i have anything like that in my collection. i like the look of cheers to you as well, although it seems like an average silver foil.
    i, too, have mrs. claus!! i've been waiting all year to wear it :D finals have made me lag on the christmas manis, but i have my last one in a few hours so i can start doing my nails again hehe (:

  2. Frosty was one of the most popular ones from this collection so you might not be able to find it that easily. However! Orly's Holiday Soiree has Au Champagne that is similar to it, but not exact dupe. Still, it might satisfy your lemming.

    I haven't necessarily been doing Christmas nails, since I have been swatching like crazy. I'm glad you'll have some free time though! Can't wait to see your posts!


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