Thursday, December 15, 2011

L'Oreal Project Runway: Owl's Night and Amazon's Flash

 The only two polishes I wanted from the Project Runway collection were Owl's Night and Amazon's Flash, but I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding them. I looked in several Walgreen's and CVS' and every single time these two were the only ones that were not in the display. I was finally able to track them down and it upsets me because I have seen these over and over now at Wal-Mart! Of all places, I never thought they would carry the collection. Like most of my other polishes these were put away and I was just content in knowing that I had them whenever I wanted to use them. Well, no more of getting home and stashing away newly bought polishes. I am really going to try to swatch them as soon as I get them and hope I can catch up in swatching my entire stash soon. *Fingers crossed!!* On an off note, I suppose I am doing this because it is beginning to get on my nerves that people have to ask me why I need so many if I will never use them.*sigh. I don't suppose they would ask a stamp collector why keep buying them if you don't use them to mail out letters. I just don't get how they are considered collectors, but when it comes to nail polish collecting we're just crazy. Haha, just needed to get that off my chest. Ok, rant over. On to polish!

  Owl's Night reminds me a lot of Hello Kitty Night Sparkle, but this has a black base rather than brown. It has tons of gold shimmer in it! I used two coats for this one.

Amazon's Flash is a yellow gold foil. It's not smooth like the foils from Orly, but the texture makes it much more sparkly than others. This one was quite sheer, I used FOUR coats. I have never used more than three coats on any foil, but I love that this is not your standard gold foil.

 I think there were four more colors in the Project Runway collection, but none of them interested me when I saw them. Maybe it was because these two were the most sparkly ones out of all of them. Sometimes I have bird tendencies and only gravitate to the shiny polishes, but I mostly just like looking at them in the bottles. ^_^

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  1. zomgz amazon's flash is soooo pretty! that's the one i liked the most, but i thought it was too warm for my skintone so i skipped out on it. dangggg 4 coatS??! so manyyyyy! LOLLLL are we bird ladies? :0 hehee yeahh i love how the shiny/sparkly ones look in the bottles too :D and its even better when they transfer the same onto the nails!


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