Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brash by Payless Shoe Source in Sergeant Khaki

 I don't usually go into Payless stores anymore because their shoes are overpriced and the quality of their shoes is very poor. I almost always have to return my purchases, since a day or two later something or other is falling apart. Or maybe I always get the duds, but how much bad luck can one person have? During the last few visits I have made, I noticed that they put out a new display with polish. I have looked at them and passed them before because at 2.99 for .33 oz bottle of a brand I wasn't familiar with, seemed a tad high. Even though I have had many bad experiences with them, I like to go in and look around. Mostly just for my daughter, since their girl's boots and dress shoes are usually ok if I can find them on sale.

 This weekend I just so happened to pass by their store at the mall and noticed they were having a sale so I decided to go in. As I was paying, I noticed the display and thought it wouldn't hurt to look since they were on sale for 1.99. The selection was a bit limited, they only had about ten different polishes on the brand Brash. I picked up three of the better looking ones and I am happy to report that I had no issues. The bottle itself has an old english letter B on it that stands for Brash and the shape of the bottle is actually cute. I used two coats, but this could be a careful one coater. I can never bring myself to just stop at one coat, since I am a habitual two to three coater. The brush was really nice as well, it wasn't too big, small, stiff or wonky in any way.

 I really didn't expect much when I purchased these polishes, but I was impressed. I'm not saying it's THE BEST formula or polish out there, but for 1.99 it was a good deal. I can safely say I will probably buy more if I see anymore interesting colors, even if it's at the 2.99 regular price. ^_^


  1. Say whaaaat! I had no idea Payless carried polishes! This isn't my kind of color, but since you said the quality isn't bad, I'm curious as to what other colors they have (:
    Btw I JUST noticed your hauls/nail mail tab LOL! I usually go straight into your posts so I never saw it before :P But you should totally make them actual post-posts!! So I can comment :D You have so much good stuff :0 So jellyyyy. I found the SH prisms at ross too! But not as many different ones as you I don't think.. and I found the CC Beyond the Mistletoe collection too, but someone STOLE the light blue one from my set before I got to it!!!!! D: Ohhh, and I'm drooling over DL Stairway to Heaven. It's so frikkin pretty @____@ Can you do a mani with it soon, pretty pleeeez? 0:)

  2. LOL I actually loved this color, but I love army green type colors.

    HAHA that's hilarious! I think I will do a weekly collective haul post starting in January just for you to comment on lol. I'll def work on a mani using Stairway to Heaven, too it's really beautiful in the bottle. Oh and the SH Prisms I actually have 10 more, my mom bought me some after I told her I was looking for them so I don't know what to do with so many lol.


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