Friday, October 28, 2011

Zom-Body to Love w/ Black Shatter

 Halloween is just a few days away and that means that Halloween related manicures are coming to an end as well, on my blog at least. I planned on getting more posts in for this weekend, but I decided to just trim down my nails instead of repairing them again. I thought the breaks had grown out far enough, but it turns out they didn't and my two middle fingers aren't even now. So, instead I am settling on one last mani for Monday.

 Zom-body to Love is a bright green, glow in the dark polish that OPI came out with for Halloween this year. They released it in a duo with Black Shatter and as well sold it separately. The polish is so sheer that you will not be able to achieve full coverage without layering at least five to six coats. I wanted to get the same color in the bottle, so I decided to layer it over two coats of Sally Hansen White Out. BIG MISTAKE. This polish is also streaky! I did three layers of Zom-body to Love and stopped because I didn't want to have so many layers. I would recommend that you layer this over a green, that way the streaks won't show. Even with the streaks I wanted to wear this polish alone for at least one day because the color itself had me so entranced. It reminded me a lot of Nickolodeon's goo that they always had in one show or other when I was little.

I apologize for the tip wear in this picture. I didn't take pictures right away and the tip wear happened when I was heating up some tortillas. Little tip: Don't heat up tortillas with a fresh mani.

I was barely able to capture this polish in the dark with my camera, but in real life it GLOWS!

How cool does it look with Black Shatter? I swear Black Shatter is THE BEST thing to wear for Halloween. 

 It's a little sad that October is ending, but it's ok because I can't wait to be able to start listening to Christmas music without getting weird looks from my husband. ^_^


  1. Very Cute! Sorry it was such a beesh to apply I hate that. But it looks great with the Black shatter! I totally agree Shatter is awesome for the Halloween season! (I did like 3 Halloween manis with it already)

  2. That color is so cool, but mannn it sounds like such a pain to work with! D: Whoaaaa I love how your shatter turned out. Mine's always stringy looking haha :P

  3. @Beauty by Crystal Yea, it really sucked that it was streaky but I think it would look better over a green.

    @Eileen I apply my shatter in short sections, rather than a in continuous swipe. That way it shatters in smaller sections and it lets the color underneath show better.


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