Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wet n' Wild R.I.P Purple Potion

 Wet n' Wild is such a great brand. I love their collections, but I hate, no I LOATHE that they choose not to have their products for sale online. According, to Wet n' Wild, it is up to the stores to decided what to order from them. While, I respect the choices that regional, district and regular managers at every store makes, it would be a lot less stressful for so many of us nail polish enthusiasts if Wet n' Wild would just offer their limited edition collections online. Luckily, I found these Fantasy Makers at Ulta, but I have yet to locate their On the Prowl and Claw polishes. Many people have already complained to them about our first world problems and maybe in the near future they will listen, but for now all I can do is search far and wide for those collections.

 Purple Potion is a purple glitter suspended in a black jelly base. It looks very similar to another Wet' n Wild polish that they have out, but I can't remember the name at the moment. Hmm.. anywho it is a beautiful polish. In regular lighting it can look pretty much just like a black polish, but in brighter lighting and in the sun? Well, its super sparkly. It did dry to a matte and gritty finish and could have used two coats of top coat, but I only used one of Seche Vite. I did three coats because at two it did leave a few bald spots since I had a bit of trouble applying this polish. I had to put at least eight drops of thinner, if not more, and it was still a gloopy consistency. Also, the brush didn't help, it had several stray bristles that I had to cut to make the brush a bit less crappy.


 Being that this polish was only 1.99, I'm not complaining. It was a really nice polish and according to my husband, it was a badass color. He doesn't say this about many of my polishes, so this is a keeper for sure. 


  1. Where have you tried looking for the On the Prowl Collection? I randomly stumbled on the entire collection [[untouched!]] at a Walgreens near me not too long ago! I never knew it was up to the stores to order which products they wanted! That would explain why it's always so random how the limited edition stuff gets distributed :/ If only they knew how many people actually want that stuff! Haha. Oh! That color reminds me of Night Prowl by WnW! That's why I didn't get it, because I already have Night Prowl and they seemed too similar for me to get both. Aaaand I haven't even tried out Night Prowl yet @___@ Night Prowl isn't a jelly though!

  2. I have tried about five different CVS and a couple Walgreens and no On the Prowl. You are so lucky to have found them!! I have pretty much given up on them already, they're just way too elusive for me. LOL yea tons of people are going nutso trying to locate it. Ohh! Thats the name, Night Prowl, yes they do look similar but I haven't commpared them yet.


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