Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Halloween Dotticure

 I have no idea how I even started doing this mani. All I remember is that I got it into my head to see how many dots it would take to completely cover up a nail. As it turns out, it's really not that many. Well, at least the way I did it. I have a set of dotting tools with five different sizes, so I started making dots from the largest size and filled in any gaps at the end with the smaller size. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Deep Purple, Black Out and Sun Kissed. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's are my absolute favorite polishes to use when doing nail art because they are very affordable AND have a great formula. 

 I did this on all ten fingers and it took less than 30 minutes and was super easy to do. I was iffy about the design, but my son changed my mind. It was the first thing he noticed when he saw me in the morning and told me they were "COOL". That made my day, since usually when I ask him if he likes my mani he'll say "yea" without even looking. ^_^


  1. HOW CUTE!!!! Halloween nail art this year!! You won!

    Do you mind if I 'steal' your idea? Of course, with references.

  2. LOL I love how you get feedback from your son! That's so cute ^___^ I love the design too, it reminds me of Dippin Dots!!!! :9

  3. @Kimberly Thank you! And of course I don't mind if you use my mani idea!

    @ScottishLass Thanks!

    @Eileen I think I tired him out, though. He only gets excited about a mani once in awhile now, like this one lol. Oooh! Some Dipping Dots would be good right about now.

    @auntheathee Thank You!


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