Friday, October 21, 2011

Picture Tutorial: How to get two uses out of one box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects featuring Numbskull

 The only reason why I held off on buying Sally Hansen's Salon Effects was the price. You pay anywhere from 8-10 dollars for a box that will only serve for one use. Why buy one box of some strips when you can get a few drugstore polishes or one salon polish for that price? I actually don't think that I would have ever jumped the gun, had they not came out with the Halloween designs. The cute and unique designs were what drew me to making my first purchase. Even though I am now in love with them, it still stings a bit when I purchase a box because I know I will only get one wear out of them. Or so I thought. In order to get two manicures of one box it is necessary to have short nails as longer nails use up more of the strip and there will not be enough left for your next manicure. I know it sucks for those of you with long nails, but these are also a great pick me up when you have a break and have to file down your nails. Trust me. It happened to me and these strips put me back on the road to happiness after I had to file down my nails. I now plan to have a box or two for those days.

This is what comes in one box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, plus another package of strips. I show only one because this is all you need for one manicure if you have short nails.

There are eight strips in each package of strips.

In order to get a complete manicure you will need to first choose the strips that best fit your nails and then cut those in half. I don't know about anyone else, but my thumb is pretty huge so I have to use a whole strip. 

Because there is only one side on the strip where you can easily peel off the plastic, I would recommend some tweezers to pull the plastic off the half strips without the easy peel off.

Same thing when peeling off the actual strip from the paper backing. 

Here you see that there is still plenty of strip left over to cover the entire nail. 

When you have a design like Numbskull you can use just one package of strips, but you will have one hand with the design facing outward and...

the other hand with the design facing inward.

 The fact that one hand had the design facing inward and the other hand with the design facing outward didn't bother me one bit. However, you can either alternate the way the design faces finger to finger for a more consistent look, and still use one package of strips. Otherwise, if you are totally OCD you will need to open both packages and use all the strips with the easy peel off side for one mani and the left over half strips for the next mani. This is really up to you and how you feel about it, but you will still get two uses out of each box either way. Lastly, in order to conserve your strips as fresh as possible, make sure you seal them in an air tight fashion so that they will keep pliable and usable. I put the left over strips back in the package they came in and then into a small plastic bag, like the one the file comes in, wrap them really tight with saran wrap and place them back into the plastic box. This is just my way of making the most of my Salon Effects, but if you have other ideas I'd be more than happy to hear them! ^_^


  1. I prefer to have my nails short whenever I do a really busy design on all my nails, or if I'm rocking something insanely bright nails sooo..... This is really smart!!!!

  2. I have done this before and it works out great....the cost still bothers me though so I shop for them on eBay. The Halloween designs are still the me price there unfortunately. Recently I picked up 96 stripes of the same design for 12 bucks....boring I know but the gold color I picked up can be a thin base for a variety of holiday designs!

  3. Thanks for this! I have a box of the leopard print ones and I was hoping I wouldn't have to toss all the leftovers 'cuz I have really, really short nails and I want to use them more than once, they're super cute.

  4. @Eileen I'm the opposite, I like dark colors with short nails.

    @MyPinion Wow! That is an insanely crazy deal! I thik I'll have to stalk eBay for the some Salon Effects.

    @Madeline I'm glad this helped you out!


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