Monday, October 17, 2011

Wet n' Wild R.I.P Black Magic

 The last tombstone polish I have is Black Magic. This is a black based polish with micro rusty-orange and silver microglitter. I love the fact that the glitters in this polish are very visible, despite it being in a black base. It doesn't dry gritty or bumpy either and I just need one coat of Seche Vite to get it smooth. I did use three coats because I had some bald spots with two. I only had two problems with this polish. One was the brush, it had stray hairs all over the place which I had to cut to be able to have an even brush. The other was the formula. It was pretty thick even though I added a few drops of thinner, so it did take a bit to get even coverage. Still, the end result was fab and the rusty-orange glitter in this polish really gives it that Halloween look.


 These polishes are a great bargain for 1.99, issues and all. I only wish they had a greater selection of colors because the tombstone packaging is so adorable! ^_^


  1. I really liked the subtle glitters in this one, but I couldn't justify getting it because it wasn't POW! enough for me loll. Do they usually come out with tombstone packaging? I've never really noticed before lol

  2. I liked that the glitters really showed through unlike other black based cremes. The tombstones only come out during around October.


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