Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wet n' Wild R.I.P Creepy Pumpkin

 Creepy Pumpkin is a polish I picked up at Ulta for 1.99 during the BOGO free Butter London sale. Sometimes I have to put money aside for these things, so that I won't have to give any explanations later on. Yup, I'm talking about my husband. No need to worry him about these frivolous things. So, I had about 40.00 set aside just for the Butter London polishes and luckily for me there were only four that caught my attention. Which meant that I had a few extra bucks to spend and it was a great coincidence because I just so happened to spot these Wet n' Wild R.I.P. polishes!

 The brush on this one wasn't as crappy as the one from the Purple Potion one, which was good because I'm getting tired of having to nip stray bristles. This was a pretty sheer polish, but it wasn't too thick so I was able to get away with four semi-thin coats to get it opaque. I don't like it when my visible nail line shows too much, otherwise three coats would have been good.

 Orange polishes are definitely not a color that I purchase often, but October really gets me in the mood for orange and black! Plus, my son's school colors are orange and black, so it doesn't hurt to represent every once in awhile. ^_^


  1. This is one of the prettiest oranges I've ever seen! I really like the glitters in this :D Rah I don't like it when my nail line shows either. It doesn't appear thick though =]

  2. @Eileen I thought so too!

    @Ny Nail Diva thanks!


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