Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who wants candy?!?

 This is a really quick nail art design that I came up with. I'm not artistic in any way, but nail art doesn't have to require talent. I do, however, love all the intricate designs that some people come up with such as The Sneakerette or The Daily Nail. Since, I'm not awesome like that, I try to come up with simple designs that won't look too bad if I mess up. I say that because there were several mess ups that occurred during this mani, but honestly I was happy the way it turned out.

 I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White on as the background and I made random triangles with a gold nail art polish from L.A. Colors. With a small dotting tool I alternated lines/dots inside the triangle to simulate the candy corn look with Mellow Yellow and Sun Kissed, both from the Xtreme Wear line. I finished it off by adding dots in both the yellow and orange polish, also in random spots.

 It was quick and easy, exactly how I love nail art to be when I'm the one having to do the "art". The top coat you use makes a big difference in nail art. You want a top coat that will bring the look together, by creating a smooth and polished look. Seche Vite is great for that because of it's thick consistency, plus it won't smear the colors together like other top coats will. Oh, and of course it's fast drying so you can get on with life A.S.A.P. ^_^


  1. Lol yea, I have been craving candy corn since I did this mani.

  2. This is so cute! I'd love to see more nail art from youu :D

  3. Thanks, I'm hoping to get some more nail art in this month!


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