Sunday, October 30, 2011

Image Beauty Deal on Plum District!! $20 for $40

 I wanted to do a really quick post to tell you about a deal going on Plum District right now. The deal is $20 for a $40 gift certificate good for anything on the website. Image Beauty is a really a great a e-tailer, in my experience, they have free shipping over $55 and they have discounted nail polish prices. China Glaze is 3.49 and Essie is 5.99. This is my referral code:

Of course, you don't have to use it but if you do once you register I will get a $5 credit AND you will get $5 as well. In order to get the deal just click on Today's Plum Deals and it will be the first link. This is the direct link to it , if you don't want to use my link.

 Also, you can get this deal even cheaper by using code "spooky30" good until 10/31/11 for 30% off the deal which will come out to $14 saving yourself an extra $6!! There are 4 days left as of today, so if you choose you can also buy the deal later and you can use "fabulous" for a 10% discount which is good until 2/14/12. The discount won't show up until after you purchase the deal, so don't worry if it doesn't show the discount right away. Once, you purchase it the amount will update with the discount applied.

One last thing, they currently have the China Glaze Holiday Collection and Halloween Collection up!! Oh, and the Essie Winter Collection as well! This is the website for Image Beauty Hope, this will save some of you some money!!


  1. Omgggg you are killing me right now, LOL! I reallyyyyy want to pick up some of the CG Holiday collection, but I have sooo many untrieds.. one of them being an Ozotic! (wtf right?!) Sighsss... maybe next time... thanks for the heads up on this deal though. I'll be sure to use your code when I do purchase something =]

  2. I know! So many collections coming out it's crazy. I bought a couple though because I was already planning a haul on Image Beauty, so it was perfect timing for this deal. LOL don't worry about your untrieds. I have so many untrieds that I lemmed forever and still haven't gotten around to wearing them!


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