Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OPI Simply Smashing with Black Shatter

 Black Shatter is a polish that I have only used once, and that was when it first came out. I used it over silver and never again took it out. I feel as if I still haven't decided on the Shatter/ Crackle fad. I seem to be inclined to get any new Shatter or Crackle polishes that come out, but when I get home I either just quickly swatch it or put it away never to be taken out again. I think that it is a great idea to freshen up an existing manicure and I love looking at all the creative ways people have come up with using them. I don't know, I can't seem to part with them nor can I bring myself to wear them often enough.

 I accidentally started collecting the Serena Williams sets and Simply Smashing with the Black Shatter was the only one that I was missing, so I went ahead and decided to buy it. Simply Smashing is a really beautiful gold with a tinge of green polish. The glitter in this isn't gritty nor is it difficult to take remove. It is, however, a very thin formula. I had to use four coats to achieve full coverage. My husband wasn't too keen on this color, but I absolutely loved it! It does not remind me at all of a tennis ball, but it DOES remind of some kind of radioactive substance. This is why I decided to include it in my Halloween themed month.

All pictures were taken indoors.

Here it is with Black Shatter. One of the reason's I don't like Black Shatter is because when applied in normal long swipes, it ends up looking stringy and doesn't let much of the color underneath show. My solution to this is to apply it in short small strokes, a few sections at a time to get more of a shatter look and a less stringy look.

 The Black Shatter really adds to this look, making it feel more Halloween-ish. I will probably be using Black Shatter more often during this month because the effect is really creepy looking, perfect for Halloween. I think the best idea OPI  has had with Black Shatter was to include it with their Halloween duo, Zom-Body to Love. I can't wait to use that combo.


  1. Pretty color! It reminds me of one of my China Glazes that I have yet to try out LOL.
    Totally feel u about the whole crackle fad. I thought it was the coolest thing when it first came out, but I've only used it 5x at most and I'm getting kind of tired of it now. Probably cause I'm seeing it everywhere lol

  2. Haha I know they wore us out with so much crack! It's everywhere!


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