Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday over Wet n' Wild Silvivor

 Ever since I had to nubbinize my nails I have been on a glitter bomb streak. It makes me feel better and it's not as difficult to remove on short nails, at least for me. For this mani I decided to take out one of my long time lemmings, Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday. I wanted this polish for such a long time, but was disappointed when I finally received it that I never wore it until recently. The original formula of Happy Birthday also had square glitter in the mix and this particular version has NO square glitter. That really irked me because I feel that was the one thing that separated this Happy Birthday from all the other dupes floating around, but I have made peace with my version and have given up on the square glitter version.

 I did two coats of Wet n' Wild Silvivor with two coats of Happy Birthday on top of that.

Reminds me of Blue Bell's Birthday Cake!

 I really need to get through my untrieds, this is only the third Deborah Lippmann that I have tried out of the ten I have. I used to say that I would get on a no buy and place myself on a budget, but it is so hard that I give up on doing that. I always end up doing huge hauls when I do that, so I figure I'm saving money if I don't restrict myself. Ha, that's my kind of rationale. ^_^


  1. Yay I'm glad you finally got it! So sorry to hear that it didn't meet your expectations though :( Aaaaah I didn't know they had different versions! D: I wonder which one I have...
    And geeeez you have so many Deborah Lippmann polishes! I just have Happy Birthday haha (:
    Urgh I totally know what you mean. I keep telling myself.. no more polishes until I swatch all my untrieds! But it's impossible to do with all the new collections that they're constantly coming up with. And whenever I do nail designs, I don't get a chance to use the untried either >____< Life of a laquerhead. Hahaha <3

  2. I was happy too lol, until I found out there weren't any squares! I think you have the original. I know, I'm really bad about getting through my untrieds.

    Omg, I hate it too that I don't count a polish as untried unless I do a full mani with it lol. We totally are lacquerheads.


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