Monday, November 28, 2011

Lex Cosmetics Seashell

 I cannot believe I almost forgot to post this today! I took a break from blogging, swatching and well anything really to do with nails last week. I kept my polish on for a whole week and didn't even take pictures!! It was nice not having to worry about posts, but I did miss it and I am ready for the holidays! I have a 25 days 'til Christmas planned and there will be tons of polishes on my blog. I'm on a mission to go through as many untrieds as possible before the end of year, so expect whole collections to be posted.

 The polish I have for you today is Lex Cosmetics Seashell. This is a brown scattered holo, which is so much more gorgeous in person. Pictured is two coats with no topcoat.

 I love the caps to these bottles, but I heard from Kari @ OnceBittenBlog that the image on the caps smeared on all three of her bottles. I didn't want to risk smearing them, so I topcoated them before I used them. Although the caps are adorable, I really don't see myself buying more polishes from them because none of the colors jumped out at me. I pretty much just wanted to buy these for the caps. ^_^


  1. Gorgeous! and I totally love the cap they have

  2. I can't really tell this is brown, it kinda reminds me of Color Club Revvvolution!
    Can't wait to see your major polish posts :D

  3. @Leanne I know the cap is BEST thing about these polishes. They look so classy.

    @Eileen Once on the nail it does look a bit black, but if you compare to a black holo you can definitely see the difference.


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