Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spa Ritual Illumination w/ OPI Pink Shatter

 I don't recall if I mentioned in any of my previous posts, but for the majority of this month I will be posting pictures of all the mani's I did in October that weren't Halloween related. Just wanted to put that out there, since my previous posts have been nubbins and now they're long. Didn't want anyone to think that my nails magically grew overnight! I am currently not taking pictures of my nails because of the two huge breaks I had that make my nails uneven, but once they get nicely evened out I'll start posting recent pictures. It might be another two weeks for that to happen though. =(

 Today's post is a polish from Spa Ritual's Twinkle Collection. This is the only one I picked up, but I think I need a couple more now that I saw swatches. When I bought this polish, there weren't many people with swatches, so it was a bit difficult for me to decide if I wanted any. I ended up just picking this one up because I was interested in getting a dense silver glitter. Well, it is silver but it's not JUST a plain silver glitter polish. There are actually holographic glitters mixed in there as well! I loved how much this polish sparkled in the sun. I used three coats to make sure I covered any bald spots.

THEN, I decided I needed to try out my Pink Shatter. This was the perfect pairing, but I felt a little too girly for my taste. Maybe if I was going to a ball it would be ok, but it was a bit much for everyday. Yea, this coming from the girl who can't stop wearing blue nail polish. =>

 I suppose I could wear it everyday, but pink polish is not my thing. Don't get me wrong. I love pink as much as Barbie does, but I don't love it much on my nails. However, in pictures it looks pretty cool. ^_^


  1. LOL I have a bunch of old nail swatch posts when my nails were suuuper long too! Wouldn't it be great if nails grew overnight though?! Then breaks/splits wouldn't be so bad :D
    Whoaa holographic silver?! What an awesome surprise! It can be nice to have swatches to rely on, but sometimes they can take out the fun of trying out a polish all on your own. This is why I like shopping in stores for polishes instead :D
    I reallyyyy like the combo you did! I wish the pink was smoother though, it looks like it melded with the glitter lollll

  2. @Eileen OMG it would be awesome if they grew that much overnight lol. So true about getting to be surprised with a polish, but I'm hooked to shopping online!

    Yea, the Pink Shatter is very sheer!

    @Fashion Footing Thanks!


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