Monday, November 14, 2011

OPI Muppets: Designer... De Better!

 Designer... De Better! is a champagne colored foil with orange flecks. I used three coats, but it really only needed two. I had intended for this polish to be my mani for the parent teacher conference at my son's school, but ended up taking it off. After seeing on both hands I realized it was a bit too much. My husband told me it didn't matter and that I should wear it if I wanted to, but I feel uncomfortable wearing bold colors when I have to go to his school. In the end I just switched my mani to a nude polish.

 You can see on the last picture that it looked a little gritty, but a top coat sure take care of that. I was bummed that I only wore this polish for a few hours, however I can't wait to get to wear it again. ^_^


  1. OMG! That is gorgeous, looks great on your skin tone! This is one on my list!

  2. Your husband was right; I'd have left it on too! I think it looks beautiful on your hands :)

  3. @NY NAIL DIVA Thanks! You really do need this one, it is a very unique foil.

    @Jacky awww.. thank you! I'll have to wear it again soon!

  4. omgggg i recently had this on my nails too!!!! i scheduled my swatch for tomorrow heehe (:
    this is such a fab color :D ITS SO SHINYYYY! i love it but kinda hate it at the same time cuhs its awesomeness makes my skin look so blah lol

  5. Wow, great minds definitely think alike! This is the second time we do the same-ish post! I love how it looks on you.


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