Monday, November 21, 2011

Essie Sew Psyched

 I have another Essie for you guys today. This is yet another old picture, you can tell by my paper cut! It took foreeeever for it to heal, so that is why it is on a lot of my posts. I have come to love Essie's in the short time I have known them. The brush is tiny compared to OPI's pro wide brush, but I like it because it gives me the ability to get close to my cuticles without making a mess. The formula on this Essie was really nice, I only used two coats to get it opaque. There are many army green nail polishes out there, but I love this one because of it's subtle shimmer.
You can see it better here in this bottle shot.

 I am officially in love with Essie's and cannot get enough of them. I always thought Essie only made nudes and light pinks, but that's actually only true for most of their core polishes. I was on an Essie buying binge a few months ago, so look forward to many more Essie posts! ^_^


  1. Ouchh paper cuts are the worst! Either they hurt a LOT, or you find your hands unexpectedly sliced with them >____< I'm still on the fence about Essie. The bottles are cute, but I think the small brushes are kinda stiff? I have a bit more trouble getting my coats even with their polishes :< Might be just me though, haha. China Glaze ftw!

  2. I get papercuts all the time at work. You would think I learned my lesson by the upteenth time! I love Essie because of the brush! It's so easy to get a nice clean edge with them, but I agree China Glaze has the best brush.


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