Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lynnderella The Telltale Heart over OPI The One That Got Away

 I have been wanting to post this one for awhile now, but other manicures kept getting in the way! I initially wanted to use Very Pretty Vampire, but I didn't realize that The One That Got Away was more pink than red. I also never realized how beautiful this polish was! When Katy Perry's collection came out I was more excited about Black Shatter and Teenage Dream that I completely disregarded this polish. It literally was the one that got away for me until I finally decided to pick it up to complete my Katy Perry collection. I used two coats for these pictures although three coats would have been ideal. I didn't add the third since I was planning on layering and didn't want to end up with an even thicker mani. 

It's got a duochrome look to it! I love how the gold shows up at different angles.

Here I added two coats of The Telltale Heart. It's so glowy!

 I have to make it quick today. I'm helping my son with his homework and we are both on the brink of break down. It's tough because I want to help him figure it out himself and not just give him the answers. He was assigned some really difficult homework, in my opinion, he's only in Kinder! Gah! Anyways, I'm sure they just want to make them super smart. ^_^


  1. I cannot wait to get my polished little hands on some Lynderella... so excited!!!!

  2. Great combo! You did a nice job of capturing the gold duochrome (:
    Ahhhh I totally feel you.. it's so hard helping my little cousins w/hw sometimes because I don't know how to push them to think about it without completely giving away the answer and doing it for them haha @____@

  3. @Fashion Footing Woot! Lol I'm glad you are as excited about Lynnderellas as me. I really, really wanted to order the Funny Money collex, but seeing as xmas is just around the corner it will have to wait until Jan.

    @Eileen Thanks! It was a tough job getting that duochrome to show! Gosh you are so awesome! You help your little cousins with homework!


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