Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Essie Sand Tropez

 I wanted to post today the polish I did wear for my son's parent teacher conference, but I couldn't find the pictures. I did, however, have another nude polish to show you. Essie Sand Tropez is part of the 2011 Spring Collection. It is more of a dusty nude and I really doubt that this would give anyone mannequin hands, unless you have some gray tones in your skin. This polish isn't on most people's favorites list, and I suppose it's because it's not your typical nude polish. I take it for what it is and really think it's a unique polish in my collection. It's a great palate cleanser for those times that you need a break from color. 

 Oh, and I used three coats for this polish, but that seems to be the norm for most nudes. This is the last week that I will be using older pictures as my nails have finally seemed to get their act together. The only thing is that I have had to keep filing and filing to get them even, so they are still nubs. I do love how chic they have been looking though, and I'm thinking that I might keep them nubs for a bit longer. ^_^ 


  1. I really want to thieve your nails and make them mine.

  2. @loodie loodie loodie haha, thanks. Well, good luck prying them off my fingers, it could be a bit messy. =P

  3. i keep picking this one up and putting it back whenever i'm at cvs lol. i like it, but it's like.. would i actually choose to wear it? especially over my brights and obnoxiously glittery ones??? hahaha.
    i really like how this one looks on you though. seems like the perfect nude!

  4. I really like this color. I have really weirdly grey skin so this is really mannequin hands for me! Also, nubs are great! I bet yours are beautiful nubs cuz it looks like you have awesome long nail beds!!!

  5. @Eileen I really only picked up because it was on sale but I have come to love it. I know what you mean over preferring bolder colors, though. Sometimes I just feel like wearing something subtle and nudes are perfect!

    @Madeline It's awesome that this color matches you! I love it and which that was MY skintone. Eh, sometimes I prefer long nails, but I really am enjoying my nubs. Thanks, you have great nails too! Love your nubs!


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