Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OPI Russian Navy Suede

 OPI's suede polishes always caught my eye whenever I saw them in the store, but they didn't appeal to me enough that I needed to buy one. Well, I finally bought one a month or two ago with an Ave You deal. I was unsure of which one to pick, but figured I couldn't go wrong with blue so I picked up Russian Navy Suede. I have to say that I was impressed with the application, it wasn't at all troublesome like matte polishes tend to be. This is two coats of Russian Navy Suede.

Here I added some clear top coat.

 Overall, this is a really cool polish because you get two looks out of one single bottle! I know mattes are somewhat the same, but I feel that the finish and formula was a lot better on this suede polish. Also, it reminds me so much of denim jeans!  ^_^


  1. I had Russian Navy matte, but this one looks a LOT nicer! I love how shimmery it is once you put on a top coat :D

  2. I'll have to try out the matte to compare them. I really loved the Suede though, so I might also need to get more of them!


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