Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Orly Here Comes Trouble w/ Orly Fresh accent nail

  There are times that I don't feel like taking off my nail polish, yet I crave a new look. The perfect fix for this is to simply add a layer of glitter and voila you have a fresh mani. I was wearing Ulta Salon Formula in The Jungle Look and while I loved the color, I felt like it was time for a do-over after three days of wear.

Here is The Jungle Look. I am holding a home made cookie. Yup, I need to work on my baking skills! This was the color and food I did for Liquid Jelly's FFAN  (Friday Food and Nails) post, although it's a different pic.

 I didn't want to work too much for a fresh mani, so I just applied one layer of Orly Here Comes Trouble over The Jungle Look. To add even more oomph, I decided to take the polish off my index fingers and use two coats of Orly Fresh. My husband says this manicure is better suited for St. Patricks's Day lol. I must say, though that I agree!

 I had to file my nails down again after a break on my index finger and looking at these older pics really makes me miss them!

What do you guys think about the color scheme? Everyday look or save for St. Patty's Day?


  1. i always do that when i want to test out a glitter and i'm bored of my mani haha (:

  2. It's such a great way to spice up a mani when we have those lazy moments!

  3. Oh yeah! This is HOTNESS! I love greens!

  4. @NY Nail Diva Ha! I agree. Greens are Hotness lol.


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