Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Julep Zoe

 I know there has been some dislike with the company Julep, and possibly I would be upset as well if I had given out my referral code. I know how frustrating it can be when you are promised something and then you have to go through hoops to receive it. Also, the fact that Julep made no effort to correct the issue until after blogs posted negative reviews was a bit shady. However, I am not canceling my subscription. It may be that I will later change my mind, but for now I am happy with the products I am receiving.
 When I first signed up for the program it labeled my personality as "Bombshell", and the first two polishes to arrive were a neon pink Cameron and this beautiful orange Zoe. I definitely don't see myself as a "Bombshell", but wearing Zoe totally made me feel this way. I normally don't even gravitate towards pinks or oranges, however this color is easily on my top 20 now.
Here it is in full sunlight.

In the shade you can see some of the issues I had with this polish. My middle finger shows some bubbling that was caused by applying topcoat too soon. I actually waited quite a bit before applying topcoat, but man this polish took forever to dry, even with fast dry topcoat!

I am head over heels in love with this color, but I only wish it didn't take years to dry.

How do you feel about Julep? Will you be staying or leaving?


  1. Very Pretty! I really love coppers. Zoe looks a lot like Zoya Penny which I love. But Zoey is my DDs name so now I feel like I need this one :)

  2. Pretty color! It looks like a good one for fall (:

  3. @Crystal Aww... that's a pretty name for a girl, I like your varitaion and I totally understand the need to have a polish just for the name.

    @Eileen You're totally right! I will have to pull this color out again soon.

  4. Sally Hansen has a dupe for this in the color Sunset,Sunrise 81. Looks exactly the same for a fraction of the price .

  5. @Anonymous I'm going to have to look that polish up! It woud be good to have a backup!


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