Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Glitter and Flakie Sandwich

 I started the idea with a glitter flakie sandwich when I wore OPI's Don't Mess with OPI. This is a really beautiful almost hunter green. It only needed two coats and it was really easy to work with. Even though I had fun with this polish I thought that a little glitter would really make it pop, but it ended up just look like a Christmas Wreath! That would be cute except, we're about three months away. Don't get me wrong, I love, LOVE Christmas so much that.. umm.. I may or may not already be listening to Christmas songs when I feel down. O_o

This is a coat of Color Club Object of Envy over Don't Mess with OPI. It's a cute combo, but a little on the Christmas side.

Then I decided to add some Nubar 2010 to take the Christmas look and feel away, but then it seemed that the flakes overpowered the glitter.

Finally, I added another coat of Object of Envy and I was so happy with the final look. Just the right amount of flakes show through.

 That's my glitter and flakie sandwich! I actually tried this as well with red glitter and the flakes gave it a really awesome effect. It ended up looking AMAZING, so I will have to post that mani sometime next week.

 Eileen if you're reading this, I'm working on taking pics of my stash so it might be a few more days before I can get it posted!


  1. Omg I had a really pretty Orly polish, it was a nice hunter green with golden shimmer and I thought it just looked really PRETTY. And then when I put it on my nails, I was so disappointed because it just looked like Christmas. And this happened during spring, so I was super bummed lol. Anyhoo, I'd totally love to see this glitter/flakie combo on other colors!

  2. @Pretty and Polished lady thank you!

    @Eileen I love greens and reds and love wearing them year round, but there's certain ones that look Christmas like and I hate that ,too so I can definitely relate to your Orly polish lol. Maybe you could try adding some nail art to it?

  3. @NY Nail Diva Thank you!


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