Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nars Night Flight

 Another first and only polish in my collection, Nars Night Flight. I bought this polish back when had a 20% off, if I remember correctly, sale and they had free shipping. This polish is part of their limited edition Night Series. The series includes Night Porter (green), Night Breed (Black) and Night Rider (pink). They retail for 16.00 each, but with the sale I ended up paying a little over 14 for Night Flight. I didn't have the budget at the time to buy more than one, so I picked the one that looked most interesting to me. Night Flight is a shimmery blue based polish with micro blue and purple glitter. 

 The formula on this polish was really, and I mean really good. It went on smoothly, the brush was great quality and the packaging was ok. I say the packaging was ok because the cap is a little wide and it makes applying the polish a tad difficult, it's not a huge deal but I do wish I could take it off like with the Butter London and Chanel's. I think I've been spoiled.

This is two coats with a coat of Seche Vite. Also, excuse the cut on my index finger, I was trying to be a good co-worker by refilling the printer and I ended up getting a papercut!

Here's a closeup where the purple glitter in the polish is a little more noticeable.
Bottle pic. Doesn't it look beautiful?

 After trying out Night Flight, I'm not sure that I want the other three. I really thought the purple glitter would be more noticeable, but it's pretty much invisible unless you are in direct sunlight or really bright lighting. Maybe, I let myself down by expecting too much from this polish and maybe I'll give it another try some day. Who knows? When I first starting collecting polishes I could never fathom purging, but lately I've been making mental notes as to whether I would purge or keep a polish if I ever got around to doing that.


  1. You have so many different brands of polishes! That color looks really pretty in the bottle. I see a bit of purple in it too? Wish it showed up on the nails though! I've been getting lots of cuts too :( I thought they were papercuts but I found out on Monday that it's actually my car door handle that's been slicing me up! D:

  2. It does loook really pretty in the bottle and at first I was disappointed with the outcome, but it grew on me. I didn't always have so many brands lol, I used to be one of those OPI only girls.

    OMG your car is giving you cuts?? Evil car! Lol hopefully it's something you can fix.


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