Monday, September 12, 2011

Cowboys Half Moon Mani

 The Cowboys lost. How did this happen?? They were winning and then they had to just be plain stupid and lose their first freaking game. Now they are 0-1. Grr... as Ni hao Kai-lan would say, "I'm so mad!" The only plus side to their loss last night is that I get to redo my nails, yay!

 Let's move on to today's post before I ramble some more about the Cowboy's suckage. Hehe. I used Sally Hansen's Celeb City for the half moon and for the background on my accent nail. The navy polish is Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor. I am not great at freehand, so I used some hole reinforcements as guides. This was the first time I attempted to do a half moon mani and I didn't plan on outlining the half moon, but due to my less than perfect outcome, it was necessary. The tattoo decal was purchased on Ebay from seller Lucky Star Style for $1.80 for 20 decals with free shipping. (No affiliation, just a great deal.)

 The application of the decals can be a little tricky, but here are some tips that helped me:
  • Cut as closely as possible to the image, that way less of the "clear" portion of the tattoo will show.
  • To get accurate placement, use tweezers rather than your fingers to position the decal on your nail.
  • You want to leave the plastic backing on the tattoo when cutting out the image because the tattoo is sticky and it will adhere to your fingers and mess up the design.
  • Since you are leaving the plastic backing on and cutting as closely as possible to the image, you will find it difficult to remove the plastic backing once you are done cutting. This is where the tweezers will come in handy. Actually, if you have to pairs of tweezers it would be much better. You can hold the tattoo with one pair of tweezers and with the other you can slide the tip in to start removing the backing. That way your fingers will have no contact with the tattoo, leaving the design intact.
  • The last thing is you don't want to submerge the tattoo in water when applying. A cloth, cotton or felt with some water is the best way to apply tattoos. You want to just lightly dab on the tattoo until the paper falls off.

 In real life the tattoo isn't too noticeable as it seems in the first two pictures, that's just the macro doing it's job. The last two pictures are a better representation as to how they actually look in real life. Regardless of imperfections and *ahem Cowboys sucking ahem* I was pleased with the outcome, especially the accent nail!

I would love to get some feedback, so what are your thoughts? What colors would you use for your favorite sports team?


  1. This is so creative and cute! I am so glad i found your blog! Very awesome nails!

  2. @NY Nail Diva Glad you like my work in progres, thanks for your kind and wonderful words.


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