Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color Mates Decadence

 I was at a family party a few months ago and a couple of my cousins were going out for a liquor run, so I decided to tag along. We ended up going around the corner to a Minyard's and well being me, of course I had to stop by the beauty section first. Nothing really caught my eye, but there were a few dollar items that looked interesting. I grabbed a few nail art pens and the polish in this post. The only reason I even picked up this polish was because I didn't have any browns and it was only a dollar. When I got home, I ended up just storing the polish and never took it out again.

 Now that fall is approaching, slowly, I felt the need to wear a fall color. Looking through my stash I realized this polish had long been forgotten and decided to give it a try. The brand is not one I have heard of before and it is most definitely NOT 3-free. This polish has as much (if not more) chemicals as the brand Kleancolor. I actually was not even able to finish the mani in one go. I did one coat then went to my mom's house and finished when I got back. Once I was done and was ready to topcoat, I actually welcomed Seche Vite's fumes.

This is indoors and this is exactly how the color looks like in real life. It's a brown shimmer with silver microglitter.

Excuse the tip wear, this was taken the morning after. It looks a little lighter here because of the brighter lighting.

 Would I recommend this color? Well, that depends if you can stand the smell, I would say yes otherwise I'd say skip this. Besides the stinky-ness, I think this is a really beautiful color and perfect for fall. It was opaque in just two coats and Seche Vite actually covered up the smell.

What do you guys think, are stinky polishes worth it if it's a color you like?

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