Monday, September 26, 2011

My Stash and Storage

 I'm doing this post because Eileen from The Sneakerette asked to see how I store my stash. I would love to show you guys as well everything that it's in my stash, however I have over 700 polishes, since the last time I counted, and I have no idea how to get started. I decided to at least show you how and where I store my nail polishes and stuff.

 I have an l-shaped desk that I use for all my nail stuff and I also have a polish room, but at the moment it's "under construction", meaning I haven't yet set it up. One of the reasons for this is because I still haven't found a suitable nail polish storage solution. At the moment they are being kept in plastic shoe boxes and while it worked fine when I had 100-200 polishes, it has now become too much? I have 14 shoes boxes filled with polish plus all the drawers in my desk are full as well. I have heard a lot about Melmers and Helmers, but I don't think these are for me. I'm looking for something, well quite frankly I don't know but I need to find it soon as I refuse to buy another clear shoe box and my desk is starting to overflow.

The majority of my shoe boxes are pink but a few are turquoise and one is blue.

Part 1. This is how they are on my desk, all stacked on top of each other. It makes it difficult when I'm looking for a specific color. 

Part 2. The Color Club sets don't fit in any boxes so I have them going around the perimeter of my desk. 

Part 3. The plate to the right holds items I use often: remover, lotion, cleanser, oil, cuticle balm, a brush to apply the balm and pure acetone. 

 There you have it. That's my stash. Once I get better storage, I plan on doing something like Polish Insomniac is doing. Maybe, I'll do that even before I get a better storage, however, right now I'm super excited for Halloween. I have strayed from nail art, but all the fun months are coming up and they are the perfect excuse to bring out my nail art stuff!

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  1. Thanks for doing this post (: I got a Melmer not too long ago, and so far, it's perfect! I don't have too many polishes yet, so I have plenty of space for more now :D

  2. I use something similar to these cases, but mine are not as wide! I am running out of room!

  3. @Eileen Sure no pronblem, I'll have to work on taking pictures on my stash but that is a little intimidating at the moment for me. Yea, I think I would need more than one Melmer, but they do look cute!

    @Ny Nail Diva I feel your pain. I'm overflowing my desk drawers at the moment.


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