Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Nail Art: Teal Cross

   This is a design that I have used several times on myself and family members. The great thing about it is that it's so simple. It's literally two black lines outlined in silver over a solid background. I have only used it with Kleancolor's Beach Blue and Sinful Colors Let's Talk, but I'm sure it would look great with any color combination you can dream up.

   The only three products I used are L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes in black, silver and Kleancolor Beach Blue.

   I started with two coats of Kleancolor Beach Blue. I love, love this polish and it's not just because of the color, but because a very special, former co-worker gifted this to me after I told her how much I loved how it looked on her toes.

   I know sun pictures don't always depict the real life nail polish color, but I like to take sun pictures because I like how the sun makes the colors look more vibrant.

   After the polish dried, I took L.A. Color Art Deco nail art polish in black and drew a vertical line a little left from the halfway mark.

   Using the same black nail art polish, I drew a horizontal line, as if outlining a french manicure.

   As you can see, the lines are not perfect whatsoever, but they don't have to be since you will be outlining them in silver polish.

   Onc the black lines have dried you can commence on outlining the black lines on either side with the silver nail art polish.

   The next two pictures have a coat of clear top coat on.

   That's it for this nail art design! I always receive compliments when wearing this teal manicure and I hope whoever (if anyone) out there tries it, gets compliments as well. Enjoy!


  1. These are super fab! I loveeee your designs (:

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful comments!


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