Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From the makers of Color Club: Cosmetic Arts Part 2

 On to round two of Cosmetic Arts polishes, and there are six more that I would like to show you. I forgot to mention on Part 1 of this post that I used a top coat with all of the polishes. I don't want anyone to be shocked when they see that these polishes aren't as glossy in real life.

This is Sprout Your Wings from the Spring Collection. I am showing this one in the sun, because I think that it's brightness is better showcased in the sun. It is such a vivid light green and it almost looks to a be a neon, but it doesn't dry matte like neons do. This was two coats.

This one is Enchanted Forest. The first picture reflects it to be close to Sky High, but it's actually more on the sea green side, which you can see on the second picture. This one took three coats to obtain full coverage.

The last one from the Spring Collection is In Bloom. This is a really pretty lilac shade. It's not so light that it looks white but it's also not as bright as an Easter lilac. It took three coats to get it opaque.

I only have two from the Fall Collection. The first one is called Snow Bunny. It's not just a plain gray color, this one actually has a hint of blue mixed in. The blue tendencies are most noticeable on the second picture. Most grays only take two coats, but this one was really sheer, so I had to use three.

La La Lilac isn't actually lilac, it seems to me that they mixed in some brown because depending on the lighting it can tend to look somewhat brown. Only two coats were needed for this one. I didn't expect to love this one as much as I did, by just looking at the bottle, but I really loved it. It's a very neutral color which would look even better on lighter skintones.

The last one that I have to show you is Limelight, but the website doesn't show a name for the collection. This one is a neon color. I haven't tried all of Color Clubs neons yet, but the one that I tried over the weekend was so sheer that even with three coats I could still see my nail line. I sincerely hope not all their neons are as sheer as that one. This one however, took three coats and it provided complete coverage.

Neons tend to be difficult to photograph and this one was no exception. This one was taken inside and it's color is more accurate than the top one. It's not a limegreen color, rather it's more of a teal neon.

 This concludes my Cosmetic Arts collection. I try to go to Ross every week, to ensure that I won't miss out on any new Color Club collections, so if I happen to find anymore Cosmetic Arts nail polishes I will make a post of those as well. I wanted to do water marbling posts next week, but that might have to be postponed. Instead, I was thinking of swatching either some of my most interesting Sinful Colors, or a few of my Color Club collections. I'm unsure at the moment, however, for the rest of this week I'll be doing random nail polishe swatches that I have worn in the past few days. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Wooow the first and last ones are my favorite! They're really outstanding :D

  2. i see you like greens! The last one is absolutely beautiful in real life. I was wearing that on my toes last week.


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