Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nina Ulta Pro Blu Blaze

 Since trying out Color Club's Otherwordly, I have been on the hunt for that exact same color, but without the glitter. I have bought a few polishes that I thought might be it. This is one of them. In the bottle it's a bright blue neon, but sadly it doesn't stay like that once dry. 

Here is a sun picture. I used two coats but there was a tiny bit of visible nail line, so I would reccommend three coats to ensure it's opaque. As you can see, the color in real life comes really close to the bottle color when it's in the sun.

This picture was taken in the shadows cast by my carport. It actually looks a bit brighter here.

Here is what it looks  like in real life with no sun.

Another picture of this lacquer's true color. There's part of my kids chalk drawings in the background, they were drawing robots.
 Although this is not the color that I was expecting to get, I have to say I was in love with this color while wearing it. I literally could not stop staring at it. I even used this color for my toes, and it looked so gorgeous! There was actually one time when I thought no one was around, in the breakroom at my workplace, so I just stopped to stare at my toes. I have no idea how long I was staring, but when I looked up there was a man looking at me like I was the craziest person in the world. I just laughed and proceeded to walk hurriedly away into the safety of my cubicle. That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Lol robots? That's super cute! I still need to get chalk for a sneaker photoshoot I'm thinking of doing (:
    & LOL at the man at your workplace! Hopefully you haven't run into him since? haha

  2. Yea I took a pictures of the robots but something was going on with blogger earlier today that prevented me from adding a picture of my kids drawings. Oh well, maybe next time. I get my kid's chalk at Wal-Mart, they're only .99. I can't wait to see your pictures!

    Haha, no I haven't. I have been avoiding going to that breakroom ever since that day.

  3. Aww that sucks, I hate it when Blogger has glitches! Ooooh only .99??! That's so cheap! Thanks for the heads up (:


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