Friday, June 24, 2011

A Glitter Party on Snow

  A lot of nail polish bloggers that I follow on Twitter, seem to have untried boxes of all the new polishes that they plan on swatching. At first, I didn't see a need for it, since one of the things that I love to do after buying polishes is getting to put them away. That just gives me an excuse to spend more time in my polish "room". Well, this week I decided to start an untried box because my husband is getting on to me about buying new nail polishes. He keeps telling me that I should use the ones I already have everytime I buy more. Men. They don't understand. So, in order to keep him happy I am going to start using all the NEW polishes I buy, I'm definitely not going to fish out all the untried ones that are already stored.

 For today's manicure, I used two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. So far, this is my favorite white nail polish yet, since I only had to apply two coats. Then, I applied one coat of Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty, which is the first picture, but then I felt like it needed more bling...

... so I added another glitter topcoat. I used one coat of Wet n' Wilds Kaleidoscope.

I liked it much better with this topcoat because Kaleidoscope has holographic glitter in it, and it looks so good in the sun.

Here's a closeup of all the glitter going on.

 Looking at the closeup makes me want Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday even more. I guess now I'll have an excuse to buy more polishes, since I used two out the eight I had in my untried box. I seriously want some of Cult Nails polishes too, but I have to find a way to convince my husband of letting me put an order on 70-80 dollars worth of nail polish. Like that will happen! I'll just have to resort to hiding money from him to feed my addiction. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed today's manicure!


  1. That's so pretty! Sighss I have a whole stash of polish I need to get around to using too :X

  2. I like it too. Makes me feel like winter is near because you called it a glitter party on snow! I want to try it in the winter. Feeling inspired...

  3. @Eileen you should do more designs based on your shoes, that way you can try to use some of your stash lol. Those are really great and would love to see more!

    @Lulu I know!! I felt like that afterwards. That's awesome!! I am so glad to you're getting inspired! Make sure to take pictures of any mani's you do!


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