Thursday, June 23, 2011

China Glaze GR8

 I was in a hurry yesterday, and I literally only had ten minutes to paint my nails. I knew I had to pick a fast drying polish, so I went to my China Glaze holographics. Since, I really didn't want to waste one of my harder to find holo's, I decided it was time to finally try out GR8. I originally bought this one because I found it dirt cheap on eBay, which rarely ever happens on eBay. It never appealed to me as a good holographic color because in the bottle, the holographicness of this polish isn't too noticeable. Boy, was I wrong! It was close to dusk at the time I was applying it, and even in low lighting the holographic effect was noticeable.

This picture was taken right after I applied it. My camera wasn't able to capture much of the holo particles, but if you click on the picture, you will be able to see it much better. This is three coats of GR8, but in the sun I noticed a few bald spots, so I added another coat today.

Here is a better view of the holographic effect, but it's still muted because the sun kept hiding.

This was taken under the same conditions as the picture above, however, the holographic particles are much more visible.

Now we're getting to holographic awesomeness! This was taken with full sun exposure.

I love holographic polishes and I think that this polish hasn't gotten it's share of the glory. Everyone is always raving about all the other colors from the OMG Collection, which I agree are awesome as well, but I don't think people have raved enough about this one.

The next two pictures were taken with full sun exposure, as well, but I added a topcoat. While the holographic effect is still visible, it's not as prominent as it is on its own.

 If you want to get a lasting manicure out of holographic polishes, a top coat is necessary to minimize chipping, since they tend to chip a lot easier than other lacquer formulas. However, if you opt for the top coat be prepared to lose some of the holographic greatness. I normally do not use a top coat, because I love the holographicness so much, that I feel the more holographic it is, the better. Then again, I am not too worried about my manicure lasting too long, since I change polishes frequently. That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love holographics! I don't have anything from the OMG collection though =(

  2. I only have a few, but you should checkout eBay. That's where I have gotten mine. Sometimes there will be sellers who don't try to score huge profits and actually sell them at reasonable prices. I try to scour eBay every once in a while to see if I can find any deals.


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