Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Revlon Mini Nail Polishes: Waterfall, Sparkle, Garden

 I was swatching these this weekend at my mom's house, and she asked me, "Are these Revlon?" She was surprised that Revlon had bright colors like these available now. Back in the day this was one of the brands of nail polish she would buy, but she said that these colors weren't "in". Then again, ever since I can remember, her nails have always been done in some sort of burgundy or red hue.

 I suppose it's for that reason that I was never attracted to Revlon nail polish, because in my head it was one of the "mom" brands that never appealed to me. Now, I am loving Revlon. These bottles are utterly cute!! I just couldn't get over the cuteness of these little babies!

Here is Garden with one coat of Sparkle. I didn't like Sparkle too much though. The hexagonal glitter was really sparse and I had to fish out the few that you see below.

Garden by itself. This was two coats. This was my favorite of all three.

Waterfalll with one coat of Sparkle.

This is two coats of Waterfall. This color isn't a creme like Garden. It actually has a slight shimmer to it at certain angles.

 I have to admit that I am now open to Revlon nail polish, but these aren't their best polishes. However, at 7.99, you really can't expect much more from this set.


  1. Hmm.. waterfall kinda looks like blue lagoon to me? Which of their polishes do you like? I always have trouble with their formula :/

  2. Omg you're right it does! Sparkle actually looks like Belle from last year's Just Add Sparkle Collection, too. Hm, I guess they're just renaming the same polishes.

    To be honest their formula is kinda crappy to me. I had to apply these polishes twice, since the first time I had bubbling. Grr.., but I like them now pretty much because of their cuteness lol. These are all little and cute, then they have awesome smelling polishes AND I love their Just Add Sparkle Collection. I just love cute stuff.=/

  3. Yeah! Thought it was just me lol. But yeahh, most of the Revlon polishes I've had tend to bubble up.. I don't know why :( It seems to disappear after an application of top coat though =)


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